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A full home inspection prior to selling your home is the perfect competitive advantage. Not only is it the best way to learn if a house has any major defects but it has the potential to greatly influence knowing the true value of your property. Vanguard Home Inspection LLC will compile information on your home and give you a detailed report. Our professional inspector also takes the initiative to happily go over all the details of the report with you. We'll make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. To schedule a seller home inspection in Louisville, KY, contact us today.

Why should you get your home inspected before selling? There are two huge benefits!

Why should you get your home inspected before selling? There are two huge benefits!


The #1 reason is to ensure that you GET THE BEST PRICE FOR YOUR HOUSE: Getting a Home Inspection will reveal all the issues your home has that can be reasonably detected. Some you know about, some maybe you don't. This gives you the opportunity to either fix the issues or disclose them with a price adjustment to attract a motivated buyer. Your house will be inspected as part of the transaction anyway, wouldn't you like to get out in front of any concerns rather than being surprised during negotiations?


Completing a Pre-Listing Inspection is a huge marketing advantage: When you hire Vanguard for a seller's inspection, your house can be marketed as MOVE IN CERTIFIED. We will provide you with a yard sign to place next to your "For Sale" sign to let interested parties know your house was pre-inspected. The report generated from your inspection will be hosted on a website called fetchreport.com. This will allow interested buyers and agents to see what issues were found. This gives you an increased credibility and trustworthiness as you will be seen as going the extra mile to be honest with your buyers.

You'll feel confident putting your home on the market once you've read our report and seen the benefit of having Vanguard as a resource. Call 502-627-0824 right now to schedule a presale inspection.