A basic Home Inspection fee is based on square footage

The bigger the house, the more things to inspect and therefore the more time it takes. Our fees start at $325 for a house up to 1000 square feet. For every 500 additional square feet, add $50. The basic inspection covers all the major systems in a home and anything attached to it such as a garage, carport or deck. Detached garages are not included but may be inspected for an additional fee.

0 - 1000 Ft. $325
1001 - 1500 Ft. $375
1501 - 2000 Ft. $425
2001 - 2500 Ft. $475
2501 - 3000 Ft. $525
3001 - 3500 Ft. $575
3501 - 4000 Ft. $625
4001 - 4500 Ft. $675
4501 - 5000 Ft. $725

Ancillary services:

Radon testing - $110

Radon testing involves placing a continuous monitor for 48 hours under closed conditions (windows closed with normal door traffic). This test involves coordination with the seller. At this time, radon testing is conducted by a third-party vendor and is subject to their availability. If possible, we like to place the meter 48 hours before the Home Inspection. It may be necessary to place the meter at the time of inspection, which will mean the results will be delayed by 2 or 3 business days. For more information on Radon Testing, click here

Termite Inspection - $55

Termite inspections are usually performed during a home buying transaction. Although, this is beyond the scope of a Home Inspection, we contract with a third-party vendor to provide this service for your convenience. We handle the scheduling and payment for you, so it is one less thing you have to do!

Outbuilding Inspection - $75

This is usually a detached garage, as mentioned above. However, we can inspect any outbuilding such as Sheds, Pool houses or Gazebos. Each outbuilding has its own roof, foundation, wall covering, etc., therefore this fee will be applied for each outbuilding included with your order.

Thermography - $119

The use of thermal imaging can be of tremendous value in a home inspection. We will use an infrared camera to examine exterior walls, ceilings, doors, windows and HVAC ducts. The images show temperature differences which may reveal hidden problems that could show up after you move in. For more information, click here.

Pool / Hot Tub - $50

The focus of this inspection is primarily safety. We look at the electric serving the pool, pump, lighting and surrounding areas for GFCI operation and safe clearances. We look at other safety items such as the presence of anti-entrapment drains, enclosures, safety latches and more. We also inspect visible filters, pumps and associated piping for leaks and general condition. This inspection does not include water chemistry or evaluate filter cleanliness. Obviously, during the off season drains, skimmer ports, pump operation and plumbing leaks will not be visible, however general safety considerations may still be evaluated.