We'll Check All the Major Systems

Schedule a presale home inspection in Louisville, KY

A full home inspection is the best way to learn if a house has any major defects. Vanguard Home Inspection LLC will compile information on the house and give you a detailed report. After your presale inspection, our inspector will go over all the details of the report with you. We'll make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. To schedule a presale home inspection in Louisville, KY, contact us today.

What we look at

What we look at

Our job is to look at all aspects of a home to help you determine if it's a smart investment. We use Fetchreport.com so your Realtor can look at the final report from your home inspection. That way, everyone has the information they need moving forward. During your presale home inspection, we'll look at the:

  • Overall structure
  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Water flow
  • Septic system
  • HVAC unit

You'll feel confident submitting a down payment for your next home once you've read our report. Call 502-627-0824 right now to schedule a presale inspection.